Village for all – V4A® is the International Quality Brand Hospitality for All. Our Mission is to guarantee an "everybody holiday”.

In an age where the world has become a Global Village, it is very difficult for tourists with special needs or disabilities to find reliable information that will allow them to plan a holiday, a trip or even just a weekend tailored to suit their needs.
With information, V4A® guarantees that people with permanent or temporary motor disabilities, sensorial limitations (blind and/or deaf), food allergies and intolerances, as well as elderly people, diabetics, people on dialysis, obese people and families with young children, will all be able to choose a Hotel, Farmhouse accommodation, a Beach Facility, a Museum, etc… where they will find Accessible Accommodation – Accommodation for all!
The facilities who obtained the V4A® Brand, have been visited by our inspectors, who personally collected information about them. Information are freely available and it is not necessary to register or to provide your personal information. If you are interested, you can subscribe to the newsletter in order to receive all of our updates and learn about all the holiday opportunities and special offers available at the V4A® facilities.

The V4A® Brand is currently present in Italy and Croatia.