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We have carefully gathered together all of the information which might be of use to you, and make a difference in enabling you to confidently choose your next holiday destination. All of the tourist facilities were visited by us, and the information collected directly, on site. These are villages and campsites which offer their own facilities and place years of professionalism at the disposal of all our associates. Furthermore, every resort belonging to the network has access to our consultancy services for training of staff, improvements to accessibility and the overall quality of the tourism services provided: they have followed a path which enables them to offer excellence, in accordance with the values promoted by Village for all – V4A® .

On our HOME PAGE you will find two search modes: “by criteria” and “by region”. Both methods were designed de simplify your search: with the “by criteria” mode you can specify your preferences with regard to area, requirements, type of holiday, services and sports facilities. With the “by region” mode, you can simply select a region and the system will provide you with information on the resorts available in the region you selected, indicating their location on a map of the selected region.

After you select a tourist facilities, you will find a general overview introducing the resort.

The horizontal menu offers a number of sections:

- “Description”, providing the main details of the resort (address, telephone number, email, website) and information of a general nature.

- “Accommodation”, providing detailed descriptions of the accommodation units available: measurements and descriptions of the areas, with maps of every area described.

- “Services” providing information about all of the services offered to customers of the village/campsite: swimming pool, mini-club, sports fields, reception, shops, etc. as well as other useful information such as whether the shop provides products for sufferers of food intolerances or whether the bar offers ice creams for celiacs.

- “Toilet facilities”, a section devoted to toilet blocks with a detailed description of their layout and the measurements of the various facilities.

- “Useful services”, providing local information such as equipment rental, presence of pool hoists, beach wheelchairs, rental of cars suited for use by or transportation of wheelchair users, presence of a hospital with a dialysis department, among many others.

- “Gallery”, displaying all of the photos of the resort

- “Events”, providing information on events, demonstrations or other important occurrences taking place in the surrounding area.

- “V4A® Card Promotions” listing all offers and discounts provided by each tourist facilities to holders of the V4A® Card.

Our aim is to provide you with all relevant information to allow you to judge whether each tourist facilities is able to satisfy your every need. You will NOT find generic accessibility information aimed at unspecified disabilities, but all relevant information to enable you to make a choice in accordance with your needs. With Village for all – V4A®, we promote the right to an informed holiday. The responsibility of choice is therefore yours! To each their own holiday!


View the Faq