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The Rais Gerbi Village is located between Palermo (70 km) and Cefalù (13 km) and is surrounded by the greenery of the beautiful Sicilian coast. The facility extends along the coast, with tarmac paths and slopes of up to 25%. Inside it, you will find the following services: Reception, Bar, Restaurant Pizzeria with a large outdoor area and a Market. Available to all customers, there is a swimming pool, as well as a tennis court, a five-a-side football pitch and a beach that can only be reached by overcoming very steep slopes. In addition to the pitches, the most accessible residential units are the Bungalows, which can be reached via slopes ranging from 10% to 13% and which consist of a double bedroom, a lounge/single bedroom and a bathroom.
Pets are welcome.



The facility has numerous pitches and 13 Bungalows, which consist of a double bedroom, a lounge/single bedroom and a bathroom and can be reached along the stone paths that have differing slopes. Some have 74 cm wide entrance doors and 58 cm internal doors (no’s 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13), while others have 65 cm wide entrance doors with 55 cm internal doors (No. 1, 2, 3, 4.5).


The bathroom is small in size, has a pedestal washbasin and a floor-mounted toilet that is 42 cm high, with no approach possibilities, and a bidet. Shower with curtain and a 24 cm step.

Bungalow:                                        - Bathroom
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The double bedrooms have a 53 cm high mobile bed that can be approached from the front.

Bungalow:                                        - DOUBLE BEDROOMS
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Lounge/Single Bedroom

Based on requirements, a sofa or mobile single beds can be included.

Bungalow:                                        - Lounge/Single Bedroom
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Recall that the code to call Italy from abroad is 0039 or +39.

Hospital closest to the centre:
Hospital closest to the centre:

Fondazione Istituto San Raffaele G. Giglio di Cefalù Contrada Pietrapollastra – Pisciotta - 90015 Cefalù (PA) Tel. 0921 920111, There is a dialysis department.

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Altitude | 30 m  a.s.l. Opening Period | Annual opening times Pets allowed | Animals are permitted
Difficulty walking long distances Need to follow a diet



The counter in the Bar is 111 cm high and the square tables have 72 cm of space underneath. The veranda outside has large umbrellas.


The children’s play area is located between the 2nd and 3rd avenues and can be reached via a cement ramp that has a slope of 10%. The play area has gravel paving and also has benches.


The five-a-side football pitch is 20 metres from the bar and has a 6 cm step at its entrance. It has a concrete surface.


The Market can be reached from the Reception, along a ramp with a slope of 11%, or from the road (1st avenue) along a ramp with a slope of 10%; both have red-coloured paving. There is also a short ramp at the entrance door that has a slope of 13%.
The cash desk is 90 cm high and the space for movement between the shelves is 150 cm.


The facility has an ample tarmac and gravel car park at the entrance, about 10 metres from the Reception and from the Bar/Restaurant. It is also possible to park inside your own pitch.

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Toilet facilities


A block of toilet facilities is available to guests, located between the 2nd and 3rd avenues, with toilets, showers and washtubs. There is an accessible toilet facility located near the five-a-side football pitch, which can be reached via a sloping path that is uneven in places and has a tarmac, gravel and clay surface.
To use the equipped toilet facilities you need to ask for the key at reception. There is a 2-metre ramp with a slope of 13% at the entrance. The toilet is suspended and is 51 cm high, with front opening and can be approached from the front or from the right-hand side. There are grab bars on both sides, as well as a hand shower. There is a roll-in shower with a closable seat.

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