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ALLNOW creates and promotes a model of tourism accessible European itinerary. It involves professional operators and the community and makes them acquainted with the opportunity of accessibility in tourism offers by improving their approaching paths to overall accessibility and to the universal design.

The project contributes for the creation of accessible destinations, attractions, sites, and tourism related services in order to raise satisfaction level of travelers. The itinerary enables people with disabilities to experience local cultural festivals and folkloristic events in a real high quality accessible way. Finally, the ALL NOW project strengthens the management skills in the tourism sector and enhances the growth of SMEs, local communities and territories.


Destinations and attractions:

Italy, Marche Region

The Marche Region, located in central Italy, sums up the whole of Italy in its territory: sea, mountains, hills, history, art, traditions, spirituality, nature, typical food and wine, Unesco heritage sites.


Fano is a famous seaside resort in northern Marche, with ancient roman origins, boasting now  important monuments of the Augustan era. Its historical town centre is full of buildings and monuments from Middle Age, Renaissance and Baroque eras. Its Carnival is the oldest in Italy.

Maritime culture is witnessed by its typical specialties, such as the “brodetto alla fanese” (a fish soup) and the “moretta”, a hot beverage made from coffee and liquor, used by sailors. (


Chiesa di San Pietro in Valle. Started in 1610 by  Giovanni Battista Cavagna from Naples and opened in 1616, the Church of San Pietro in Valle is today one of the most beautiful baroque buildings in The Marche. Located along Nolfi Street, it shows an extremely simple facade made of bricks.


Museo della Via Flaminia. The Via Flamina Museum, located in the church of San Michele Arcangelo, near the Augusto Arch, is the centre of orientation, the virtual “gateway” to the territory near the ancient Roman Consular Way. It is equipped with high technology multimedia devices made by the Polytechnic University of the Marche Region, that give historical-artistic information, amazing images and immersive experiences.


Carnevale di Fano. Each year, the city of Fano (PU) is transformed into the Carnival, the oldest in Italy (dated 1347), featuring parades of giant floating paper wagons, masks, music, hundreds of pounds of sweets thrown by wagons and The final rifle where it is burned The Great “Pupo”, for a unique and unforgettable show. Today the Carnival of Fano is the most important event in the Marche Region and one of the first in Italy with more than 100,000 people. (




Fermo is one of the most important cities in The Marche with its history as a city of learning and of cultural exchange on the Adriatic sea. The city  has preserved an unspoiled renaissance urban fabric, which can be appreciated, starting from the main Piazza del Popolo – among the most beautiful in the  Marche Region – through a series of itineraries dotted with churches, noble palaces, courtyards and artistic portals.

The landscape from Fermo is amazing. Huddled around the Girfalco Hill, where the park, with its centuries-old trees, is one of the most beautiful panoramic balconies along the coast of The Marche, the City has as its natural background, on one side the Adriatic Sea,  and on the other the historical villages rising in a rolling hilly landscape up to the slopes of  Sibylline Mountains. ( (


Cisterne Romane. The large underground complex of the great Roman cisterns, is an extraordinary archaeological building of 2.200 square meters, built in first century A.D. This huge water tank is made up of 30 intercommunicating rooms.


Teatro dell’Aquila. The 18th-century city theatre “dell'Aquila” is one of the largest and most beautiful in The Marche (a region that boasts more than 70 historical theatres still used). It’s a prestigious building, enriched with the historical backdrops of Sanquirico and with the central fresco painted by Cochetti. The facility, as well as being one of the most highly regarded cultural assets of the City, is the setting for important seasons of shows, from opera, to classical music, to plays, in accordance with a centuries-long tradition which has seen its stage walked by some of the greatest names in international music and theatre.


Tipicità. produttori.

Tipicità is the showcase of the excellences in the Marche Region, linking agriculture, tourism, culture into a great party of gourmets. With all the traditional delicacies in The Marche, but also with organic beer, organic products, chocolate and the possibility to taste and buy typical products directly from the producers.



Hugo Junkers Fest (

Concerto di Brahm e Tchaikowski (


“Varna Summer Festival”(

“Tall ships Ragatta events”(

“Apolonia Art Fest” (



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