Dear Tour Operator/ Travel Agent,

The information provided in this website is accurate, reliable, guaranteed and last but not least, free, because we believe that everyone has the right to travel.

So, feel free to use the information, descriptions and layouts that the Village for all – V4A® technical staff have put together to make it easier for you to organize a holiday for travellers with special needs; everything you need to know is listed in the files for each resort and can be selected by category from the home page depending on the preferences, requirements and special needs of your clients. The only thing we'd like to ask you is that when you make your booking, tell the facility that you got the details from; you have our permission to use our logo (download here) free of charge on our your booking vouchers so that tourist facilities certificated by V4A Mark can see for themselves how useful and essential this information on accessibility to holiday locations and services is.

Don't feel that there is no point in doing this as if more and more travellers take the Village for all – V4A® logo with them, tour operators will see how wide open and varied the accessible tourism market is, and more importantly that demand is anything but latent. Putting your logo alongside ours and booking with our V4ACard will show travel operators that this is a growing and dynamic part of the market, which will in turn attract new investment and create new services specially designed for travellers with special needs. Being considered as "special needs" is not limited only to people in wheelchairs but more generally to anyone with permanent or temporary reduced mobility, sensory limitations (blind and deaf people), dietary problems (allergic and intolerant people), diabetics, people on dialysis and obese people, as well as the needs of that large part of the population consisting of elderly people and families with children.

Adding Village for all – V4A® to your voucher will influence tour operators, encouraging them to improve the services and packages they offer travellers with special needs; and that's not all, you stand to gain as well, with a wider range of holidays to suit a wider public, more and more people will pick a product that is new, ethical and an endorsement of the travel for all philosophy.

Village for all – V4A® is the International Quality Brand Hospitality for all that guarantees the accuracy and reliability of the information provided; so, put together your offers and bring your customers to Village For All – V4A® Tourist Facilities to make sure no one gets any nasty surprises and that…. everyone gets a holiday!!!

Don't forget, our travel office is at your service for any advice, details or information you might need on accessible transport, trips or itineraries!

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