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5 Tips for Traveling in the V4A Network

Do you want to plan a vacation in one of the V4A network facilities ?

Here are five useful tips to ensure a peaceful and inclusive vacation.

Pool lifter
Pool lifter

1. Verify the Accessibility of the Facility.

Before you book, make sure the facility meets your accessibility needs by checking the score we assign or whether any aids are present. If you need a specific measure or information, ask us for it by filling out the form on the web page of the facility you choose or email us at info@villageforall.net . All facilities in the V4A network are visited directly to gather the information needed to ensure reliability for you.



Roberto in front of the airport
Roberto in front of the airport

2. Plan Transportation

Arranging transportation is crucial for a smooth trip. Check that transportation is accessible and book transfer services in advance that can meet your needs. Many facilities in the V4A network offer support in arranging transportation from the airport or station. Ask about cab services, accessible cabs, shuttles, or equipped buses.





Roberto in the pool
Roberto in the pool

3. Prepare a Checklist of Needs.

Before you leave, prepare a checklist of your daily needs and the assistive devices you need. Be sure to bring with you an adequate supply of medications and any other essential supplies. Also, inform the V4A network facility of your special needs so they can prepare properly to accommodate you in the best possible way.

4. Visit the website of the chosen facility and contact the Accessible Hospitality contact person

Carefully explore the website of your chosen facility and visit the page dedicated toAccessible Hospitality. Check information on available amenities and contact the contact person directly to confirm that all your specific needs will be met. Direct contact can clarify doubts and prevent misunderstandings, ensuring that everything is ready for your arrival. TheAccessible Hospitality contact person is also available during your vacation.

Roberto in the walkway leading to the sea
Walkway leading to the sea

5. Share Your Experience

At the end of your trip, share your experience with the V4A network and other travelers. Your reviews can be very helpful to other people with similar needs to yours. You can send us feedback to info@villageforall.net, on Instagram @village_for_all or Facebook @Villageforall, helping to continuously improve the level of Accessible Hospitality of facilities and providing valuable information to other travelers.

By following these five tips, you can ensure a peaceful and inclusive vacation within the V4A network, fully enjoying your vacation without worries.

Have a good trip!




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