Holidays for all!

This isn’t just a motto, but Village for all – V4A®’s real mission!

For ten years we’ve been personally inspecting all the facilities belonging to our Network so that you can choose the holiday that best suits your NEEDS.

We collect information that may be useful for you to understand to what extent you’ll be autonomous and independent during your holiday; whether you have small kids, you are a Senior, or you have special dietary requirements, e.g. food intolerances and allergies.
We are perfectly aware of the needs of blind people, deaf people, people with visual or hearing impairments, people with motor disabilities due to various reasons, and people with cognitive and/or behavioural disabilities (although we don’t like medical-hospital big words!).

We are firmly convinced that with the RIGHT information, above all with RELIABLE information, anyone can decide where to spend their free time, be it with their family, friends or following their passions (for culture, sports, food and drink, etc.)

Village for all – V4A® never awards accessibility labels, but promotes complete, reliable and tailored information for people’s needs.