Ferrara Canoe Club

Canoeing has been, and continues to be, a strong motivation for taking vacations for many people, in this the Ferrara Canoe Club helps us.

It offers the opportunity to discover unspoiled and naturalistic destinations, including rivers, lakes and seas. It allows you to be in touch with nature and enjoy the relaxation it provides, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and, of course, it is an activity that you can do solo or in company, as you most desire.

Ferrara, by canoe, proves to be a perfect half for an accessibility-level tourist experience because it offers the opportunity to be explored and admired through its canals.

Canoeing vacation might seem "difficult" not to mention impossible when you have a disability, or accessibility needs.

Yet traveling for sport is an extraordinary opportunity to explore one's autonomy, taking a few calculated risks, and being able to count on the support of friends, the experience of those who have already done it, and overcoming small and large obstacles together.

You can have wonderful experiences of canoe vacation, friendship, culture and sports!

In Ferrara, precisely, stands the Canoe Club Ferrara, a renowned C.A.S.P. (Paralympic Sports Start-up Center), the result of more than 30 years of constant activity aimed at sports, inclusion and fun for all members.

Roberto Vitali, CEO and co-founder of Village for all, was welcomed into the Canoe Club in 1988 and experienced firsthand what it means to be a tourist, as well as an athlete, at competitions and excursions that the Ferrara Canoe Club offered to members.

Roberto and Fausto kayaking in the club lake
Roberto and Fausto kayaking in the club lake

In the span of a few months, a cohesive group of people with various accessibility needs and different types of disabilities was created, which also became a group of travelers, sportsmen and members who faced many challenges, the first of which was having fun all together.

Over the years, this group has grown and the Ferrara Canoe Club saw the need to provide itself with a larger venue than what the dock of the harbor in Ferrara could offer, settling in the Oasis Center in Vigarano Pieve, an area of environmental recovery of a former quarry, now a lake surrounded by greenery where everyone can do sports and Paralympic activities.

The new location has posed additional challenges, such as building compact paths that can be walked by people with mobility impairments as well as those who are visually impaired or blind.

Won challenge with a Crowdfunding to make Strada Libera Tutti, a project of pathways connecting offices, restrooms, locker rooms, food court, warehouses, to a beautiful pier that allows anyone to enter the water independently and safely.

People at the ribbon cutting for the opening of the Free All road
Ribbon cutting at the opening of the Free All Road

Over 30 years have passed and there have been so many people who have been able to contribute their activities to transform the Oasis, as everyone calls it, as it is today.

Unfortunately, some of these people are gone today.

A work created by sculptor Felice Tagliaferri titled "Ulysses The Journey of Life," in memory of all those who contributed to the creation of this center of sports inclusion but also a gathering center where all are welcome, whether they are sportsmen or simply lovers of the outdoors.

The Oasis overlooks the Burana bike path, which connects it directly with the city center of Ferrara, a UNESCO heritage city, where there are many opportunities and cues for tourists, including those with accessibility needs, for example by visiting the Walls of Ferrara, which can be walked along the entire 9-kilometer perimeter, choosing whether to ride on the embankment or in the rampart, for the completely different landscapes. A visit to the "Porta degli Angeli," also called "Casa del Boia" by the people of Ferrara, is not to be missed; it is often the site of temporary exhibitions and events.

Here is a list of sports that can be tried and practiced at the Canoe Club Ferrara:

  • canoe courses
  • voga veneta
  • speed
  • slalom
  • paracanoe
  • polo
  • kayaking
People playing foosball in a relaxing moment at the club
Members playing foosball during a relaxing time at the club

Useful information and in-depth box

Olympic and Paralympic Athletes at the Oasis

Athletes such as Marta Bertoncelli, an Olympic C1 world champion athlete, Federico Mancarella, a Paralympic Paracanoe bronze medalist in Tokyo 2021 who trained here during his years of study at the University of Ferrara, Elena Borghi an Olympic C1 world champion athlete, grew up in this club.
The Ferrara Canoe Club is an example of sport but also of inclusion, here Olympic and Paralympic athletes train together, and together with them train young novices who learn the approach to canoeing.

Felice Tagliaferri

He is an internationally renowned blind sculptor who, beginning in 1998, embarked on a personal artistic journey that can be summarized by the expression, which he himself used, "Giving shape to dreams."

The work "Ulysses The Voyage of Life" created for the Ferrara Canoe Club in memory of all deceased members, including Luca Bertoncelli, CCF president who passed away in 2021 at the age of 58, is inspired by the ITACA Poem by Constantine Kavafis.

Inauguration of statue by sculptor Tagliaferri
Inauguration of statue by sculptor Tagliaferri

BURANA Bicycle Path

Connects the Vigarano Mainarda Oasis with the Ferrara Center

11 km the distance to the walls.

The trail is passable by any means, in some sections the asphalt is uneven due to roots, there are numerous rest areas with benches along the trail, shaded for the part that runs alongside the Burana River.

Handbike - Bike - e-Bike - Mtb - Suitable for everyone, even children


Ferrara Canoe Club

Cell: +39 371 438 678 700
Tel: +39 0532 764340


Summer Venue (mid-June to mid-September)

Via del Lavoro, 10/1 - Vigarano Pieve, 44049 Ferrara

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