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Discover Peccioli Destination4All

View of the Village of Peccioli with small houses and bell tower, green trees and blue sky

Accessible Heart of Tuscany and example of Destination4All Peccioli is the Borgo dei Borghi 2024, won the Rai Cultura program that, year after year, leads viewers to discover the small pearls of our country. But Peccioli is also the first Destination4All Borgo, a brand that identifies tourist destinations that have a [...]

What to do in Castelluccio di Norcia?

Panorama meadow, hay bale, hills

What to Do and See in Italy's Mongolia - Complete Guide If you're wondering what to do originally in Castelluccio di Norcia, this is the perfect article for you. Like so many locations explored by Village for all, this one, known as the Mongolia of Italy, enraptured our attention with its breathtaking landscapes, an ideal destination [...]

ABOUT EVERYONE Discover Accessible Hospitality

Immersive experience at the fair, in three accessible hospitality spaces

"The current moment calls for a new focus, accessibility as an intrinsic quality of the tourism product." In a rapidly changing social landscape, industries that anticipate and embrace change not only thrive, but redefine the boundaries of their influence. Hospitality is one such industry, a barometer of social sensitivities, where issues of sustainability, [...]

Ferrara Canoe Club

People at the ribbon cutting for the opening of the Free All road

Canoeing has been, and continues to be, a strong motivation for taking vacations for many people, in this the Ferrara Canoe Club helps. It offers the opportunity to discover unspoiled and naturalistic destinations, including rivers, lakes and seas. It allows people to be in contact with nature and enjoy the relaxation it [...]

Jesolo, what to do: Bike, Handbike and Inclusion

person pointing to the word Jesolo in the background

Lido di Jesolo is not only a well-known seaside resort but also a place to discover history, culture without sacrificing fun and activities for children. Located in the highest part of the Venetian Lagoon, it is squeezed between the Piave River and the Sile River; equipped with slopes [...]

Chioggia and Pellestrina: Bikes, Handbikes and Gastronomy


Chioggia with its historic center and the Island of Pellestrina, set in the Lagoon of Venice, are an attraction for tourists fond of gastronomy but also of bike tourism and handbike. On a day in August, with Fausto, companion of many handbike raids, we decided to go and get to know Kapitan Memo, creator of the [...]

Decalogue Accessible Holidays

Disabled, Elderly and Families with Young Children | A Decalogue for Accessible Vacations For more than 25 years I have been arguing that "disabled people who do tourism are tourists!" Traveling is a right that no one gives up anymore, not even when you have some difficulty or limitation. So we try to do it in the best way, planning and [...]

Rome Eternal City and accessible

Rome Accessible Eternal City

A good friend of mine, every time he posts a photo on instagram he indicates as the location of the photo "Rome Eternal City". This seemingly innocuous definition brings back my memory to movies like Vacanze Romane, la Dolce Vita and when in school the teachers used to tell us the story of the she-wolf who suckled Romulus and Remus and the [...]

Western Sicily: what to see in 3 days

Visiting Western Sicily in 3 days is a tour de force and, as always, at the end of each trip, I rethink what was the most important and interesting experience to recount. There were so many discoveries, emotions felt, people met and new things learned, what I tell you is a summary with [...]

Trentino: Vigolana Plateau in Handbike

Trentino Vigolana Plateau

If you love biking and have a disability today there are solutions that allow you to follow your passion and do it wherever you like. HandBike eHandbike HandMtb and eHandMtb are the acronyms behind which we can find the right vehicle for our passions. This itinerary is proposed by Andrea Facchinelli, president of ASTRID and [...]

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