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Trentino: Vigolana Plateau in Handbike

Trentino Vigolana Plateau

If you love biking and have a disability today there are solutions that allow you to follow your passion and do it wherever you like. HandBike eHandbike HandMtb and eHandMtb are the acronyms behind which we can find the right vehicle for our passions. This itinerary is proposed by Andrea Facchinelli, president of ASTRID and [...]

Valeggio sul Mincio - What to see

Gastronomy, biking, hiking for all on one of the most fascinating bike paths in Italy A short time ago, for work, I went to a place still unexplored for me: to Valeggio sul Mincio. Once I arrived in the area, I realized that I was in a very interesting place, both gastronomically and [...]

What to see in Peccioli: discover the Tuscany of Villages


Peccioli to see in the Tuscany of Small Villages Peccioli is a small Tuscan village that you absolutely must see, one of the Borghi della Toscana, but also one of the 263 Italian municipalities Orange Flag of the Touring Club. Touring Club thanks to which I had the opportunity to spend a week getting to know a completely new territory for me, with [...]

Accessible tourism in Croatia


Croatia is an ideal destination for a family vacation, with friends, as a couple: not too far from Italy, reachable by car, still reasonably priced, and beautiful sea. And, even in the area of accessibility, there are positive advances to consider. Accompanying a vacation with children, I gathered useful tips to consider on accessible tourism [...]

Accessible Venice: how to get around

Person in wheelchair gets out of a vaporetto in Venice

How accessible Venice is and how a person with a disability can get around. With disabilities, motor or sensory, you will find unimagined resources. A visit to Venice requires commitment, study, preparation but it can offer incredible, unique emotions and experiences! It is a city you have to adapt to, where you have to be ready for the unexpected but it is a city that has [...]

Syracuse accessible in 3 days

Person in a wheelchair in front of Syracuse Cathedral.

What to see in Syracuse in 3 days? Here is my proposal Getting to know an area takes time. If you also need the accessibility to get around, everything becomes more challenging, so better to take your time. Fortunately, there are places like Syracuse, where for years now, there has been a continuous and constant effort to raise awareness about the [...]

A Blue Family: Bibione a sea for all

A family: two parents and two children in front of a swimming pool

When I think of a place where we had a really good time on vacation, Bibione immediately comes to mind. We have spent two vacations and several days at the beach here and each time we feel like going back. The reasons are many, but the main one is that we feel good here because we feel welcomed. On vacation [...]

Especially Camperist

Person in a wheelchair in front of a picture of the Parma Camper Show

Motorhomes and disabilities, or if we want motorhomes and travelers with accessibility needs: a combination well known to many recreational vehicle enthusiasts. It is common for a crew member to have a permanent or temporary mobility limitation: just think of the elderly, pregnant women, those using a wheelchair following a [...]

A sailing vacation for the disabled

Group photo on the pier

A sailing vacation for people with disabilities, a vacation option that is now possible thanks to the many people who have worked for it in recent years. One of these is definitely Sante Ghirardi who has turned a personal passion into an opportunity for people with disabilities and beyond. Twenty years from now you will be more [...]

Inclusive Bibione: Beach for all and Handbike trails

On June 17, Corriere della Sera Buone Notizie dedicated its cover to Bibione, as well as a beautiful article by AlessandroCannavò, to tell how it has become the first Inclusive tourist destination that knows how to offer Accessible Hospitality. Famous for its Beach for All, already for three years it has boasted the eco-label Ecospiagge [...]

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