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Since 2008

Village For All, a company specialized in Accessible Hospitality

To each his own holiday!
It is not just a motto but the true mission of Village For All – V4A®

We have been personally visiting each of the facilities that are part of our Network for more than 15 years so that you can choose the holiday that best suits your NEEDS.

This is our philosophy and social mission that engages us every day. For this reason, in 2008 we launched our revolutionary, innovative and engaging project to put people, their needs and requirements at the center, sharing it with tourism companies that strongly believed in us.

We collect information that can be useful for you to understand what autonomy and independence you can have during the holidays, whether you have small children, you are a Senior, or you have needs related to nutrition, such as intolerances or allergies.

We are well aware of the needs of visually impaired, blind, hearing impaired, deaf people, those with motor disabilities for various reasons and those with disabilities related to the cognitive and/or behavioral sphere (even if we don't like hospital medical words!).

For all accessibility needs!


We are a tourism innovation company, specialized in Accessible Hospitality

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We know how to speak an international language. The approach to a specialized market such as that of "accessible tourism" requires knowledge, skills, investments, experience, and dealing with it without having a specific background involves an enormous dispersion of time and money.

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We help companies, public and private bodies or associations to face this market with a consolidated working method, a vast network of national and international relations, the result of decades of experience gained directly in the field

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We are the ideal partner for all tourism companies that intend to maximize their efforts to define a product dedicated to accessible hospitality

Reliable information, your passions first

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We are convinced that with the RIGHT information, especially RELIABLE information, everyone can decide where to spend their free time, with their family, friends or to follow their passions. Village For All – V4A® does not give accessibility licenses, but promotes objective, reliable, complete information that is consistent with people's needs.

Accessible Hospitality is a social opportunity for everyone.
People with disabilities, or with accessibility needs, must have their right to vacation and leisure recognized. Tourism companies can incorporate important ethical values into their strategic business vision by investing in a social business.

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What are the advantages that Accessible Hospitality can offer to your customer?

Objective, reliable and complete information

Putting people's needs first

Self-contained and independent holiday


Accessible Hospitality

Making each guest feel like an active protagonist of their tourist experience must be a goal for all those who care about the well-being and satisfaction of all their guests. Being able to offer accessible hospitality is a sign of efficiency and professionalism but also of great attention to the quality of the service, even in the face of specific requests from guests with disabilities or accessibility needs. It means standing out and being highly competitive



Elderly people, families with small children, people with intolerances or allergies, people with disabilities or accessibility needs, must have their right to vacation and leisure recognized.
Accessible Hospitality as a Social Responsibility that guides and unites us for a more Sustainable and Inclusive Society

What are the benefits that Accessible Hospitality can offer to your property?

Increase... your seasonality

Your Turnover

more your Guests

Accessible Hospitality

Since 2008 years we have visited many facilities and learned a lot about accessibility...

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Transparent Accessibility

We apply Universal Design to the world of tourism to build a valuable competitive advantage for tourist facilities, making qualitative, structural and service improvements for all Guests. Compliance with regulations on the removal of architectural barriers, and related certifications, to date have not produced a satisfactory response to people's accessibility needs


Expand your market

It is extremely simplistic to think only of people with disabilities. It is a matter of including in this market the broader and more generic world of accessibility needs of people who do not have obvious disabilities: food allergies (the best known is celiac disease), families with young children or seniors and temporary disabilities

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