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Changing the paradigms of accessible tourism

Accessible hospitality to overcome the approach to accessible tourism understood as "mere" compliance with architectural barrier removal regulations. Focusing on the Guest with accessibility needs is the new paradigm that transforms constraints into opportunities. Transparent accessibility makes it possible to create accessible and beautiful places, giving value for all Guests, overcoming the "sanitary" vision that we too often find in hotels, restaurants, etc...
Roberto Vitali CEO and Co-founder of Village for all

Changing demographics require us to look at the tourism market with different eyes, paying attention to accessibility needs.

In order to make this mindset change, it is essential to introduce accessibility (transparent) and hospitality (accessible) as quality elements of the tourism product for the individual accommodation facility, but also of the tourism destination.

Being over 65 years old means having a few extra little needs: vision declines and sometimes hearing is not the same. Due to transient health conditions, or other instances in life, it happens that people have difficulty walking long distances or have to go on a diet.

Accessibility needs are related to sensory disabilities (vision and hearing), motor, cognitive, relational, nutrition (intolerances, allergies, vegans, etc.), or families with young children.

These needs, as WHO says, are universal experiences that we will all experience for shorter or longer periods of our lives. No medical certification or recognition of disability is needed, and certainly, not because of that, the desire to travel, do tourism, sports, etc., disappears...

This is why we have been saying for years:

People with accessibility needs (or disabilities) who do tourism are tourists. To each their own vacation!

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