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What to do in Castelluccio di Norcia?

What to Do and See in Italy's Mongolia - Complete Guide

If you are wondering what original things to do in Castelluccio di Norcia, this is the perfect article for you.

Like so many locations explored by Village for all, this one, known as the Mongolia of Italy, enraptured our attention with its breathtaking landscapes, an ideal destination for a beautiful spring weekend.

Landscape with clouds and blue sky
Umbrian hilly landscape with clouds and blue sky

A Journey through Time

The first time Roberto visited the area was in 2003, on the occasion of the International Year of People with Disabilities. The Sibillini Mountains Park organized the conference "The Park is Everyone's. The world also," to write the lines of the Norcia Charter. Today you'll find the historic center still scarred by the 2016 earthquake, but much has been renovated and new services have been created-you can't be disappointed.


Local Cuisine and Discoveries

In addition to exploring nature trails, it is a tradition to try local specialties. Roberto, searching for the best restaurant, chose the "Taverna," discovering that it was located 30 kilometers from Castelluccio. After a phone call with Peppe, the owner, he decided to embark on this journey with 15 other friends to pursue excellent cuisine but also to find out why it is compared to Mongolia. At sunset, Castelluccio's Pian Grande left everyone speechless and it is an experience worth the trip!

Attractions and Activities

The Flowering: Every spring, Castelluccio di Norcia is transformed into a patchwork of colors with the flowers of lentils, poppies and other varieties. This natural spectacle attracts photographers and nature lovers from all over the world. Be careful and check the parking bans on the official website to avoid nasty surprises.

Flowering or blooming of Castelluccio di Norcia with red and purple colors and hills in the background
Flowering of Castelluccio di Norcia

Silhouette of Italy: On the flank of Mount Carrier, the 1961 silhouette of Italy is one of the most photographed symbols of Pian Grande and is sure to draw your wonder.

Umbrian hilly landscape with blue sky
Umbrian hilly landscape 


Enogastronomy: Discover local specialties such as the famous lentils, pea flours, cheeses, and cured meats. The restaurants, relocated to modern and accessible facilities, offer delicious and authentic cuisine; of course, Peppe's Tavern is always a good choice, as it was then.

Trail for All in Forca di Presta: This trail was first established in 2003, but we know that an accessible trail needs regular maintenance due to the harsh climate of the plateau. Always check the walkability of the trail in advance.

Horseback Riding Excursions: Local horseback riding stables offer the opportunity to explore the plateau on horseback; the Pian Grande is very large and you can go as far as the swallowhole, a crevice in the ground that collects rainwater carrying it who knows where.

Umbrian hill road with landscape of yellow fields, blue sky and clouds
Umbrian hill road

Biking, Handbiking and Walking: The Pian Grande plateau, about 7 kilometers long, is ideal for biking and handbiking and is completely flat and ideal for anyone. Walk along the side of Forca Canapina or Forca di Presta and enjoy the unique views.

Hang Gliding Free Flight: Castelluccio is famous for free flight, particularly with hang gliding, due to the absence of overhead electrical systems, there are several associations that also practice activities for tourists.

How to get there

You can get to Castelluccio from Norcia, Ascoli Piceno, going up from Pescara del Tronto, or from Visso, through Santangelo sul Nera to Pian Piccolo. On both of these routes you will still see the signs that the 2016 earthquake left in those lands. Alternatively, you can climb from Norcia up to the Perugia refuge from which you can enjoy the whole Pian Grande looking at the cracks of the swallowhole from above


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