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What to see in Peccioli: discover the Tuscany of Villages

Peccioli to see in the Tuscany of small villages

Peccioli is a small Tuscan village that you absolutely must see, one of the Borghi della Toscana, but also one of the 263 Italian municipalities Orange Flag of the Touring Club.

Touring Club thanks to which I had the opportunity to spend a week getting to know a completely new territory for me, with its businesses and products. It was a privilege to be able to discover places, companies and products told directly by those who govern them, lead them and produce them there.

That is why I want to tell you about my encounters and, above all, convey to you the certainty that accessibility can be found everywhere, even in the most distant, small and isolated Villages, and that it is worth the effort to discover them, to get to know them and to make them known for their excellence.

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Peccioli and its historic center

To get to the heart of Peccioli it is advisable to leave your car at the Multi-storey parking lot take one of the elevators and go up to the center. Here the slopes in some sections are quite challenging and it is advisable to use electric traction systems.

Timeless Palace

A place to enjoy the scenery of the surrounding valley from the large panoramic terrace, a magical place to do yoga in the morning with Tatiana, to feel all the power and well-being of the Tuscan countryside going straight into your lifeblood. And as Tatiana says, EVERYONE can do yoga and I, in my small way, agree with her!

Inside the building, in addition to exhibition halls where cultural initiatives are continuously taking place, you will also find the elevator that leads to the lower floor, the cafeteria floor; the environment is quiet and on the outside balcony you will find seats where you can admire the view of Valdera, while sipping a good local red wine (or a tea!). There is an accessible bathroom.

what-to-see-peccioli-borgo-toscana what-to-see-peccioli-borghi-toscana what-to-see-peccioli-borgo-toscana

Landfill and culture: the unexpected!

It is indeed the case to quote Heraclitus "he who does not expect the unexpected, will not discover the truth!"

Peccioli is also known for the existence of a landfill located in the hamlet of Legolli.

What does a landfill have to do with tourism, you will say. Landfill is associated with something ugly, smelly. To be avoided.

And here the truth, to be discovered, is that visionary, visionary and wise management has combined respect and recovery of a landfill, transforming it today into an incredible environment. Legoli is a testimony that with our waste we can give new vitality to an area!

A landfill as a catalyst for beauty...it seems far-fetched...but in front of the amphitheater, carved out of the same compacted landfill, classical music concerts and fashion shows take place. An entire hillside, from which the Naturalier group's sculptures with their eerie gaze sprout, attends ceremonies and events in an "unexpected" and unique place.

what-to-see-peccioli-borghi-toscana what-to-see-peccioli-borgo-toscana

The sound garden of Ghizzano

It is a dreamlike place, and I was completely enraptured by the atmosphere and the sculptures created especially for that place by artist Immacolata Datti. Wood and terracotta to tell mythological stories from Ovid's Metamorphoses to which the music specially created by musician Davide Barittoni acts as a background sound that will envelop you, leading you by the hand to discover all the sculptures and their stories. In this extraordinary garden you will find three centuries-old plants, sacred in Jewish, Christian and Muslim traditions: the cypress, olive tree and cedar of Lebanon.

More information here

what-to-see-peccioli-borgo-toscana what-to-see-peccioli-borgo-toscana

Middle Street

Ghizzano is also a magical place for the works of David Tremlett

A wall drawings on the facades of houses choosing the color palette between brown and green found in the surrounding countryside. The scenic effect is unquestionable. But there are also other works and sculptures to be discovered in this very small town. You have the pleasure of researching and discovering them.

what-to-see-peccioli-borgo-toscana what-to-see-peccioli-borgo-toscana

An acre of sky-what you don't expect

At the foot of Peccioli runs a beautiful bike path that immediately caught my attention. An undemanding little ride of about 5 miles that leads to the village of Forcoli. The track runs alongside the state highway and skirts the Valdera airfield.

But the real surprise is a picnic area equipped with AEDs, accessible automatic toilets, gym machines, picnic tables, children's games, barbeque area with fountain, and, of course, a parking lot for cars. You can then plan a ride on the bike path with a stop at the grills on the way back to the base.

And speaking of grills, the right place to buy "the flab" needed to make a memorable picnic is definitely Macelleria Bulleri, which you will find in the historic center of Peccioli, in the upper part of the town.

what-to-see-peccioli-borgo-toscana what-to-see-peccioli-borgo-toscana what-to-see-peccioli-borgo-toscana

Bulleri Butcher Shop

Located at 16 Via Roma, you will find a small step at the entrance, but a world of taste will open up to you. I personally witnessed the processing of hams, pancetta, sausages and pork livers. Corrado and his son Nicola are professionals who are very attentive to tradition and the quality of what they offer.

what-to-see-peccioli-borgo-toscana what-to-see-peccioli-borgo-toscana what-to-see-peccioli-borgo-toscana

Floriddia Organic Farm

To understand organic farming and all the implications it can have on our tables, and in our lives, you absolutely must visit the Floriddia organic farm. Here, thanks to Rosario, I discovered the world of "ancient grains" and how their transformation into flours and pastas gives rise to extraordinary products.

From the field, to the mill, to the storage of the seeds and their processing into pasta, flour but also baked goods such as bread, cakes and brioches. Do not go home without buying chickpea flour with which to make chickpeas.

Once you arrive at the farm, follow the signs to the Store and you can park on level ground; be careful, however, because there is plenty of gravel in some places, which can complicate mobility.

More information here

what-to-see-peccioli-borgo-toscana what-to-see-peccioli-borgo-toscana what-to-see-peccioli-borgo-toscana

Ferretti Patisserie Restaurant

You will find it in the historic center of Peccioli, and it is the ideal place to try many of the area's specialties, including pastas made with Flour di Grani Antichi di Floriddia. You will find a small kitchen that offers great quality food accompanied by local wines from all the wineries I visited during my stay in Peccioli. A small step to enter the restaurant, or, to stay in the outdoor expanse, a nice big step to climb but that will allow you to enjoy the view and the movida of the square and the historic center that is never lacking in the evening.

Don't forget to try Necco's ice cream, my favorite is the "cantucci e vin santo" one, and Lorella, the owner, will surely let you taste the Grani Antichi panettone, which is amazing. A panettone that is good in all seasons.

Farmhouse I Moricci

You cannot miss visiting it for a guided tasting with Maria Angela. An owner who is passionate about oil production, an official taster of this product that she knows intimately and about which she will talk to you, keeping you spellbound by her ability to make such a complex and delicate process as the production of Olive Oil simple and understandable for everyone. You will discover the differences between Olive Oil, Virgin Olive Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Oil is a product that we underestimate on our daily tables, and after this meeting, I am sure you will see it in a different light.

More information here

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Cafe Haus

Osteria of those I love, simple and true like Roberto, that big man at the grills, always ready for a joke but on the quality of the "ciccia" and the local products he doesn't joke at all. Flanked by Silvia and daughters, he leads this informal and simple place that offers a resounding view of the valley. The garden also contains an Adventure Park, an excellent attraction for the little family climbers.

The path from the center to the Osteria is bumpy in the last section and the incline to overcome is not really for everyone, but if you plan well, the place is worth all your effort. Even the bathroom is fully accessible despite its simplicity.

More information here

what-to-see-peccioli-borgo-toscana what-to-see-peccioli-borgo-toscana what-to-see-peccioli-borgo-toscana


I do not have more space to tell you about the discoveries that this small village will be able to give you; my invitation is to go and discover them for yourself. The cultural activity that is offered is resounding and the cultural posters are constantly evolving to offer you the best you could wish for. In Peccioli you too may happen to meet the likes of Mario Pirovano, who in the village's small theater stages Dario Fo's Mistero Buffo and spend a memorable evening in his company!

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Where to find information about Peccioli



For more information, the Peccioli tourist information office will be able to help you; you can ask, for example, how to arrange with Tatiana a Yoga session in the vineyards or on the panoramic balcony of the Timeless Palace.

Are you curious to learn more about the Peccioli landfill? Read this article on the Italian Touring Club website

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