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"The current moment calls for a new focus, accessibility as an intrinsic quality of the tourism product."

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In a rapidly changing social landscape, industries that anticipate and embrace change not only thrive but redefine the boundaries of their influence. Hospitality is one such industry, a barometer of social sensitivities, where sustainability issues, once considered visionary, are now an integral part of corporate strategy.

Changing demographics mark the advent of a new era; the population is aging and with that Hospitality is changing. Not only in the way we welcome guests or adapt to new technologies, but more importantly in the way we understand and anticipate human needs.

For entrepreneurs and architects in the world of tourism, this means looking beyond convention, exploring new frontiers of inclusion and sustainability.


"These numbers are not just a statistic; they are a call to action. "

Demographic change speaks volumes to us: society is aging, and with that, needs related to mobility, safety and communication are expanding. In Italy, for example, there are more than 14 million citizens over the age of 65.

In addition to the inevitable visual and auditory challenges that may accompany aging, there are also temporary or permanent needs related to health conditions, motor or cognitive diversity, special dietary requirements, or the presence of young children. All of these factors influence the way people travel and interact with spaces.

An appeal to architects, designers, and all technical figures

For you, who design experiences and spaces, accessibility must become a new quality parameter, an added value that elevates the tourism product not just of a single facility but of an entire destination. This is a perspective that goes beyond regulatory compliance; it is a vision that places the human experience in all its variety at the center.

"To address this evolution, we present you with an opportunity for learning and growth."

EVERYONE'S experience at the fair in Riva del Garda
EVERYONE'S experience at trade fair in Riva del Garda for accessible hospitality

The digibook "Universal Design in Hospitality - a reflection for everyone and everyone's."

This publication is a guide to understanding how Universal Design can be integrated into hospitality design and management, realizing a competitive advantage and proposing solutions that enhance each guest's experience.

A holistic approach to Universal Design in hospitality is not just an ethical imperative; it is a strategy that leads to customer loyalty, innovation, and a better position in the marketplace.

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