Between the mountains and the sea, there is a long stretch of land that you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover.

Besides the popular beaches in the Cinque Terre, you can spend a nice day sunbathing and swimming in the unforgettable Spotorno, Sestri Levante, and Camogli.

Genoa, which is a modern and dynamic-looking city, gives way to its ancient soul in the city centre, a place full of history having a colourful atmosphere and smelling like the sea; in a nutshell, a true seaport.

One would need a separate guide to talk about its traditional cuisine, but if there’s one dish that you cannot miss, then it’s La Cima.

Even beloved late singer and songwriter Fabrizio De Andrè wrote a song after this dish, A’Cimma, where he paraphrases its intricate preparation.

A rather spiteful legend has it that La Cima embodies Genoese’s miserliness.

It said to be a meat dish, but in fact it is not meat… we won’t tell you more!