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Ready Aid

prontoausilio.it is a service of Medimec® International Srl

In the aids market since 1973, attentive to the needs of people with motor disabilities or with rehabilitation care needs, they select effective, safe and innovative tools that can improve the quality of life and break down architectural barriers, supporting development and the right to autonomy. Medimec International stands out in the Italian orthopedic aids market for its attention to the quality of the products it distributes and its unique after-sales technical assistance.

 FISH Ets - Italian Federation for the Overcoming of Handicap.

Organization committed to policies aimed atsocial inclusion of people with different disabilities

FISH (Federazione Italiana per il Superamento dell'Handicap), established in 1994, is an umbrella organization whose members include some of the most representative associations engaged, at the national and local levels, in policies aimed at the social inclusion of people with different disabilities. The principles of the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities constitute an ideal manifesto for the Federation and for the associative network that recognizes itself in it and that identifies FISH as its unified voice vis-à-vis the country's main institutions. Starting from the new bio-psycho-social vision of disability, opposed to a medical model that for decades has reiterated prejudice and segregation, FISH takes action to ensure non-discrimination and equal opportunities, in every sphere of life.

Accessible Travel Press

Global and accessible travel news platform

A digital platform offering a wide range of accessible travel experiences, products and resources. A website where you find vetted and verified information on accessible accommodations, places to go, or information on air or train travel. Also, it's not just about wheelchair travel. You will find useful information for people with guide dogs, deaf travelers, blind travelers.

FREI sEIT logo

Freizeit Freisein

Agency specializing in barrier-free travel

With Freizeit Freisein Grenzlos Barrierefrei Reisen OG, Mr. Maier and Mr. Fauster together run a travel agency in Austria for people with special needs. The travel agency specializes in barrier-free travel. Here the two offer their respective clients barrier-free travel, barrier-free hotels, apartments, campsites, resorts, etc., in Austria, Europe and beyond. The main goal is clearly to meet the wishes and needs of the most diverse clients and to satisfy them. Selected accessible vacation destinations offer accessible activities for all participants. Freizeit Freisein Grenzlos Barrierefrei Reisen OG organizes the entire vacation, from finding the right vacation spot and suitable accommodation to barrier-free excursions and activities on site.

Legambiente Tourism

Italian Environmental Association

Legambiente's eco-label is aimed at creating a pact between industry operators and territories to build the green economy sectors through the enhancement of sustainable tourism.Investing in natural beauty and traditional products means investing in our future. By involving local operators and tourists in a lasting and conscious ecological choice, tourism can become a real engine of development in a sustainable key by fostering, through a strong link with the territories and knowledge of places, vacations rich not only in comfort but also in quality.


Wind in the face is everyone's right

Aspassobike is a social, sustainable, pleasant, ecological, but above all fun mobility project for transporting people with different disabilities. The bicycles for people with disabilities are produced by the Dutch company Vanraam, a leader in this field, of which aspassobike is dealer for Italy. aspassobike was born by chance, from a chat between longtime friends: the owner Alberto Franceschini and our head of relations with the parent company Luca Breccia. Luca lives in the Netherlands and tells Alberto that he has seen special bicycles around for transporting the disabled. Alberto's reaction was immediate: "we need to spread these fantastic means in Italy as well!"

Since that day, our bicycles have been finding a lot of acceptance in Italy, as well as in the rest of Europe, and we hope that awareness of these products will spread more and more so that wind in the face really becomes everyone's right.
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