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Silvia and Roberto in downtown Peccioli alongside art installations
Silvia and Roberto in the center of Peccioli

Peccioli is the Borgo dei Borghi 2024, won the Rai Cultura program that, year after year, leads viewers to discover the small pearls of our country.

But Peccioli is also the first Destination4All Village, a brand that identifies tourist destinations that care about Hospitality for tourists with accessibility needs, and you can download the Peccioli Destination4All Guide in the link at the end of the article.

Peccioli stands out as a jewel in the heart of Tuscany, known for its picturesque historic center and inclusive vision that makes it a model destination for all.

To best explore Peccioli, we suggest parking your car at the Multi-Storey parking lot, from where, via elevators, you can easily reach the historic center. Accessibility is a priority here, and it is possible to rent the electric micro-cars available to overcome the most challenging stretches. No vehicles with special adaptations for driving are currently available.

Timeless Palace

View from the Timeless Palace of hillside panorama as far as the eye can see and blue sky
View from the Timeless Palace


Inside the majestic Timeless Palace, guests can savor the tranquility of Tuscany on the large panoramic terrace. Imagine practicing yoga in the morning, surrounded by the rustic beauty of the countryside, with Tatiana's classes that are open to all, highlighting Peccioli's commitment to being a Destination4All. Inside the palace, the exhibition rooms are continually opening up to cultural events, and the cafeteria offers breathtaking views of the Valdera, ideal for enjoying a glass of local red wine or a relaxing tea, with the convenience of accessible restrooms.


Landfill and Culture

The arena at the Legoli landfill, built on the land
The arena at the Legoli landfill


Those who do not expect the unexpected will not discover the truth - cited. Heraclitus. Peccioli surprises with an extraordinary example of environmental renewal: the hamlet of Legoli, known for its landfill, now transformed into an outdoor amphitheater. The landfill becomes a symbol of regeneration, hosting classical music concerts and fashion shows. With sculptures by the Naturalier group adding an unexpected element, Peccioli proves to be a pioneer in creating a unique cultural experience, reinforcing its reputation as Destination4All.

The Sound Garden of Ghizzano

Peccioli also enchants with the Ghizzano Sound Garden, an oasis of creativity where sculptures by artist Immacolata Datti bring ancient mythologies to life. With music by Davide Barittoni providing the soundtrack, visitors are invited to discover immersive sculptures and admire sacred trees that reflect Jewish, Christian and Muslim traditions-a tangible example of Peccioli's approach as Destination4All.


Middle Way and the Art of David Tremlett

The Legoli landfill with installations by Le Naturalier: giant installation in the ground, in the shape of a head and arm sticking out of the ground, white
The Legoli landfill



No less fascinating is the Via di Mezzo in Ghizzano, where art blends with the environment. David Tremlett 's murals decorate the facades of the houses, with colors inspired by the natural tones of the Tuscan countryside. Peccioli thus invites visitors on a journey to discover art that integrates with the environment, reconfirming its commitment to accessible, inclusive and sustainable tourism.

One Hectare of Sky and Bike Path

Roberto and friends in the bike path leading to Forcoli
Roberto with friends in the bike path leading to Forcoli

Finally, immerse yourself in nature along the inviting bike path at the foot of Peccioli. This 5-mile stretch will take you all the way to Forcoli, offering a leisurely break in apicnic area equipped with AEDs, accessible automatic toilets, inclusive games dedicated to young children, and a barbecue area. With this space Peccioli highlights its commitment to a tourism infrastructure that welcomes everyone, reaffirming its vocation as Destination4All.





Where to find information about Peccioli

People doing yoga in Peccioli on a terrace from which you can see the surrounding green hilly landscape
Yoga in the panoramic terrace of Peccioli



For more information the Peccioli tourist information office will be able to help you, you can ask, for example, how to arrange with Tatiana

a Yoga session in the vineyards or on the panoramic balcony of the Timeless Palace.

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