The score of accessibility is the result of the algorithm because we collect all the information with our software V4Ainside. As you know we inspect directly every structure in every detail and, for example we draw the plan of toilet, room, ecc…
The Access Needs Score has a system of scores from 1 to 5, including decimals, and is currently applied to the following needs:
Food Allergy; Wheelchair; Family; Senior; Hearing; Seeing.


  1. basic knowledge and skills of the structure and its staff
  2. basic knowledge and skills associated with minimum services in the structure
  3. knowledge and skills and structure with facilities for the type of need
  4. advanced knowledge and skills and structure with advanced equipment by type of requirement
  5. in-depth knowledge and skills, structure with specific equipment by type of disability

The short description is turistic oriented but inside you find the information about the accessibility, device or service dedicated for kind of disability.

In the column under the access need score you can find all the information about the kind of accessible accommodation are available.

The icons below is about accessible services and supports present, for exemple if animal is accepted, if the restaurant have high chair for babies, if the pool have lift, pool with raised bed or induction system in reception.

In the note espace we put all the information can improve the comprensibility of the structure, the excellents, for exemple.

In the form “contact us” you can ask any further information you need about food, mobility, diet, ecc… and we answer directly.