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Trentino: Vigolana Plateau in Handbike

If you love bicycling and have a disability today, there are solutions that allow you to follow your passion and do so where you prefer.

HandBike eHandbike HandMtb and eHandMtb are the acronyms behind which we can find the right vehicle for our passions.

This itinerary is proposed by Andrea Facchinelli, president of ASTRID and a deep connoisseur of the area. We both love biking, but we have different means and also different territories to explore. That is why I asked him to tell me about one of his favorite routes.

Andrea's itinerary

I propose an itinerary of medium difficulty: length 28 km about 760 mt elevation gain average walking time 2h30' - Recommended for mountain lovers.

Every season of the year is an incentive to get out into the fresh air, spring the scent of the forest slowly awakening, summer the coolness of deciduous and coniferous forests, autumn the crunch of dry leaves as the wheels pass by, not to mention the possibilitỳ of spectacular and atmospheric outings in the snow.

I bring you to the territory of the Vigolana Plateau which is part of the Alpe Cimbra tourist area, we are between the city of Trento and the lakes of Caldonazzo and Levico with on either side the Vigolana and Marzola, two mountains that reach 2000 mt. There are many itineraries accessible to handMtb, most of them looped and this allows you to start the route from wherever you are, moreover the degrees of difficulty are for all tastes and all arms.

We leave the built-up area of Vattaro in the direction of Campregheri at an altitude of 750 m.s.m. we plunge into a dirt road that is not very demanding to start warming up the arms, having reached the built-up area of Campregheri after a few kilometers the route continues immersed in a chestnut grove, in spring the scents are particular while in autumn the road is sprinkled with chestnuts, which you can also buy from local retailers.

You can refresh yourself at Maso Uezi where magnesic water, particular for its beneficial properties̀ gushes from a small fountain. Continue to the village of Centa San Nicolò, along a paved stretch of about 5 km with a constant slope always immersed in the forest; you will cross several farms that characterize this area. Near Maso Menegoi you cross State Road 348 and plunge back into the forest on a dirt road, shortly afterwards a short steep section with concrete paving awaits us given the 15% gradient, here you reach the G.P.M. (stands for Gran Premio della Montagna) at an altitude of 1140 m.s.l. and we have already covered 10 km.

The dirt road continues with not excessively challenging ups and downs: at km 13 you can admire an old limekiln, used in the past for the production of lime, now in disuse. The next stop in loc Malga Doss del Bue, is very suggestive, in addition to finding a typical place for your refreshment, you can immerse yourself in the road "Le fiabe nel Bosco" art and nature trail where there are wonderful wood carvings depicting the characters of the most famous fairy tales.

Discovering the Vigolana plateau even with young children

For those who are not physically prepared, or if you have small children, you can also start from Malga Doss del Bue (you might also find it as Malga Faè) reachable by car going up from the village of Vattaro.

The children's forest is a path where wooden sculptures, accompanied by tables and stories, will be able to suggest evocative stories for your little ones.

Having reached the second G.P.M (Gran Premio della Montagna) in the locality of Lavina Granda at an altitude of 1000 m.s.m. and having now traveled 16 km, the road begins to descend and only a short tear interrupts it before arriving at a panoramic point from where you can admire the "Vigolana plain," an expanse of various colors: endless strips of plots cultivated with corn, cherry trees, small fruits, apple trees, to reach and enter the ancient Forte Fornas erected between 1878 and 1880. A short descent with some exciting hairpin bends to be taken in a gentle drift allows us to reach the valley floor, and after a few kilometers we find ourselves back at the starting point.

Clothing is important in the mountains

One last piece of advice concerns clothing to those who are not used to the mountains: I recommend dressing "onion style," in the mountains especially in cold seasons it is very useful. Always remember to have rain gear with you as well.

In this valley, trail signage is well detailed, and from the Alpe Cimbra website, information on distances and elevation gain can be gathered in advance and gpx tracks can also be downloaded.

At this link you will find all the gpx tracks of Alpe Cimbra.

At this link you will find a gpx track similar to the route Andrea proposes.

Advice for the inexperienced

For the less experienced, if you don't have a HandMtb and know little or nothing about the area, I recommend you contact Scie di Passione, an association based in Folgaria, where you can book an excursion with an expert Guide and eHandMtb included by sending an email to info@sciedipassione.com or by calling +39 346 00 33 926.

Two guided excursion formulas are available, eHandBike included at € 60.00 for half day and € 100.00 for full day.

In addition to the eHandMtb, a Joëlette and 2 e-mtb tandems are available. Just what you need to organize a companion excursion!!!

Who is Andrea Facchinelli






Andrea had a bicycle accident in 2008, due to which she no longer uses her legs, but she resumed her favorite sporting activity after the accident using a HandMtb.

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