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V4AInside Patent for Accessible Hospitality

V4AInside, an Industrial Patent "Made in Italy"

A tool that allows us to directly collect information for the accessibility of your vacation

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All facilities are visited directly by us, we collect the information on the spot by analyzing it


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To meet accessibility needs , it is not enough to comply with standards

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It is given The "accessibility score" which is the result of an algorithm that analyzes all the information we collect during the inspection

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Helps increase quality for all Guests by improving design and accessibility

V4AInside patented software application for data collection

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V4AInside patent Made in Italy.

A partner for tourism entities, public and private entities or Associations that intend to maximize their efforts in defining a tourism product dedicated to accessible hospitality.

V4AInside is the patented and SIAE-registered application developed to meet the need for an innovative and technological tool to be used for the process of

Collection and processing of data on the accessibility of facilities, which is essential for the Accessible Tourism sector.

The information captured with the V4AInside system is, for the tourist, tour operator and travel agents, an easy and immediate tool for electing their trip, itinerary

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Able to ensure objective, reliable, accurate and correct information, bringing the possibility of error to a minimum

Its goal is to ensure the best result regardless of the detector

Technology platform

V4AInside runs on IPAD and allows you to take advantage of georeferencing systems

Multilingual, intuitive software, its ease of use supported by an instruction manual and contextual orientation to menus

Can be integrated with other data collection/classification systems. Ex: quality certifications, star ratings, environmental certification, etc.

Safe and fast device

The device, depending on the type of structure to be audited, sets up wizards and a simultaneous collection of multimedia data and physical characteristics, with direct system monitoring of the entire activity: from the opening of the audit to its closing and sending the data to the "Cloud," constantly performing a check on the consistency of the data entered.

Every data is counter-proven by the device, which does not allow tampering and maintains a high level of control/attention.

Upon completion of the audit, all data is instantly processed and sent to the V4A server where, encrypted, it is stored

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Algorithm to improve you

System for continuous improvement of accessibility

Using a specially developed algorithm, a list of possible interventions and improvements aimed at improving accessible hospitality is developed With this final report, it will then be possible to plan interventions in order to be able to improve the quality of reception and Hospitality for all customers

Patronage and awards received

V4AInside, a technological platform for Accessible Tourism, was a finalist at the 2013 UNWTO ULYSSES AWARD for innovation in Research and Technology, awarded as Second Runner-Up and is currently used or has been used for the collection of data on the accessibility of tourist facilities and structures of tourist interest, in numerous projects

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